• Pensamiento Americano

    Pensamiento Americano is a scientific of  continuous publication with four-monthly quarterly cuts (January-April, May-August, September-December). That is developed in the fields of knowledge of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Its purpose is to promote and disseminate written research to promote and enrich the multiple debates that are shaken around the Social Sciences. ISSN-e: 2745-1402


    AD-GNOSIS is edited by “Corporación Universitaria Americana” is a scientific journal under the model of continuous publication with biannual issues (January-June, July-December), with a thematic area in the economic, administrative and accounting sciences, created for the socialization of research results produced by the academic and scientific community, whose interest is only to aim at the creation and generation of interdisciplinary knowledge.

  • Ingente Americana

    INGENTE AMERICANA identified with ISSN-e: 2954-5463, is an open access scientific journal with its area of dissemination and knowledge in all branches of engineering and technology.

  • Americanista revista Académica

    We present Americanista Academic Journal of the Corporación Universitaria Americana, manages an annual publication frequency and identified with ISSN-e: 2981-4715, provides open and immediate access to its content, in multidisciplinary publications to have access to all fields of dissemination, allowing to be of invaluable help in the global exchange of knowledge.