Author Guidelines

To submit an article to the Journal Pensamiento Americano, this must be accompanied by a cover letter requesting publication of the article in the magazine. Similarly, it is important to note that the article has been approved by all the authors who appear in it. articles shall not be considered for publication with the following characteristics:

  • Previously published in another disseminator.
  • A translation or use of material protected by intellectual property rights.
  • Class notes.
  • Items that are offensive or violate what is stated in the statement of ethics

Authors should consider:

  • The authors send their articles through Open Journal System, after registration as a user as role - author. In case of access problems, please send your manuscript to the journal's contact email.
  • Authors must load Microsoft Word ® items in its original version and the same formal Load supporting files
  • Once the above documents are properly sent through the OJS, the system will send an acknowledgment to the author registered in the system. All communication regarding the article and the process of supplementary material will be conducted through registered email the lead author.
  • The length of the article cannot exceed 25 pages (Font size 12, Spacing 1.5).
  • If the article is accepted for publication, authors should read carefully and complete the transfer of economic rights, it must be signed by all authors and delivered when approving the final version for publication.
  • The number of authors per article allowed in the journal Pensamiento Americano is a maximum of 5 people.

For more information, please see our editorial policy.

Rules for submitting articles

Pensamiento Americano Journal publishes research, reflection, review and book reviews as proposed by COLCIENCIAS through PUBLINDEX typology.

a) Articles of scientific and technological research or reports of original empirical studies.

These express in detail original scientific research results completed, and the following chapters or sections are stipulated as content: Introduction (problem statement, background development, objectives, aims and foundations of the research); Method (methodology, participants, tools or instruments, procedure); Results (rigorous, comprehensive and sufficient report of information obtained from the application of instruments, from a statistical analysis or interpretation if it was qualitative) that is supported in tables and figures with its respective titles and sequential numbering in order of appearance –are assumed as figures graphs, drawings, photographs– interpretive tables); Discussion (findings must be evaluated from the –theoretical– basics of research and from its meaning in the same context from which it obtained, its implications or importance, scope and limitations, in addition to the possible investigations that would result from them). Integration is also accepted, first between results with their arguments, and between conclusions and recommendations. While there, a section entitled Conflict of Interest should be opened where the authors account for them, whether these are economic, political, religious or any other grounds. They can also express the respective acknowledgements to individuals and/or institutions contributed to the development of research that led to the synthesis paper presented. Finally References are presented in strict alphabetical order and in strict accordance with the quoted within the text of the article, following the structure established by the American Pshychological Association (APA) style.

b) Reflection article. Document stating results of completed research from an analytical, interpretative or critical perspective of the author, on a specific topic, going to original sources.

c) Review article. Document result of a completed research analyzing, systematizing and integrating the results of published or unpublished researches, on a field of science or technology, in order to account for the progresses and development trends. It is characterized by a careful and thorough literature review of at least 50 authors.

d) Book reviews. Its size should not exceed two pages and its language must be attached to scientific rigor.

Articles should be sent to email:, C.C.: or delivered on a CD at the following address: Corporación Universitaria Americana, Street72 Cra 41C-64 , Barranquilla, Colombia, with the following features:

Letter Font Times New Roman, size 12 points, double-spaced text, left justified, except in tables and figures.

Author(s) submitting an article to the Pensamiento Americano Journal fill the format of article pre- sentation which says that the article is not being evaluated in another journal, also supports that the document is unpublished or original.

The economic rights of the articles that are accepted for publication in Pensamiento Americano Journal are granted by the author(s) to the publishing house to be published and distributed in printed form and on the website of the Journal. However, as required by law, the author(s) keep their moral rights.

Articles must present a correspondence between citations and references considering publishing standards of the American Pshychological Association (APA).

For more information Pensamiento Americano Journal suggests consulting APA style.